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"Jobs fill your pockets, adventure fills your soul." Jaime Lyn

Me and my family had a great time on tour with Adam. Very knowledgeable guy with very well planned routes. Really looking forward to our next outing

Richard S, North West

Brilliant day, ran smoothly. Adam was lovely and welcoming, we really enjoyed the tour. Definitely recommend

Rachel C, Derbyshire

I cannot recommend Adam highly enough! His professionalism, knowledge, experience and communication skills are second to none. No matter the experience level, Adam will have you covered, i would recommend to anyone

Joshua C, Devon

We've had the pleasure of touring with SGL in Wales and Yorkshire and they've been fantastic trips. Friendly, knowledgeable and designed around the vehicles in the group we really enjoyed the tours. We would highly recommend SGL for beginners and experienced travellers alike

Andy F, Bear Tough Ltd

The Ultimate Self Drive Experience

And the home of a cheesy title...

Not everyone loves to spend hours researching roads, planning stop off points and arranging the best overnight locations. The stress and worry that can arise due to over thinking our choices can dampen the whole experience and almost cause you to call it all off. 

Luckily we love planning road trips, and we believe we've put together a collection of perfectly balanced self drive tours in regions that can possibly be a little overwhelming and sometimes leave you with more questions than answers.

Our tours are both long enough for you to appreciate where you are and experience as much of an area as possible, but also cover all of the things you wanted to see and plenty of the things you probably didn't realise you wanted too as well. 

All of our tours are 'small group' based. We believe this is the perfect way to create a sense of adventure but also a social aspect that can sometimes be missing. We never have more than 6 vehicles in any tour, so there's always enough space and time for everyone to get the absolute best from their chosen tour.

We also love a good cheesy title, the more full bodied and pungent the better.

So that's what we've done, we've given all of our tours titles so full of the finest dairy product that they'd make a Bishops Finger turn over in it's packaging, a Brie go hard and a Parmigiano Reggiano crumble.

We hope you appreciate our mildly adolescent attempts at humour and strongly welcome any alternatively cheddary suggestions.

Lake District Mini Cooper S

We are currently working on alternative methods, but at present we are only able to accept card payments through PayPal directly from the website.

Please contact us for alternative options.

This does not effect your statutory rights and you are still fully protected under UK consumer law. Please see our Terms and Conditions for details.

We don't sell package tours...

When we were deciding the direction for our business, one of the questions that kept cropping up was "Do we sell package holidays?".

As the title suggests, we decided not to and let us explain why.

So imagine you're visiting Scotland for a month and you'll be hiring a car for the duration. Why would we include the price of hiring a car in one of our Scottish tours that you simply don't need or want?

The same with our European tours. You're planning to spend 4 weeks touring Europe so having a prebooked and paid for channel crossing because its "included in the price" is pointless, so we don't include those either.

This in turn means all of the savings are passed straight to you and you can be assured that our base tour prices are as low as possible. 

That's not to say we can't assist with hire cars and channel crossing though... 

...should you want them.


Part of a club or Owners group?

We've helped organise multiple events up and down the UK for groups of up to 30 vehicles and regularly hold green laning tours with multiple small groups.

So if you or your club are looking for that next big adventure, be it in the UK or abroad, send us an email with what you need and lets begin the plan.

*All large group events will be held in accordance with any and all appropriate guidelines

A collaborative 30 vehicle green laning event in Devon

As consumers, booking a tour with SGL Adventure Tours gives you the full protection of UK law. At all stages throughout the booking process and during your tour, you and the hard earned money will be fully secure, insured and assured at, or above, the legal requirements as defined in 2024 UK law.

Upon booking you will have free and unrestricted access to our Term & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Payment Protection Policy.

Should you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thanks, The SGL Team

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